Why People Buy - Logic & Emotion

People have two driving factors to make a decision, logic and emotion. They will typically make a decision based on how they feel about the product or service, emotion, and then justify it with why,logic. Most sales people just focus on the logic part, simply describing their product and service and hoping it will sell itself. It’s still an important part, but it will delay your sale if you don’t play on their emotion as well. Kids are the best sales people because they play on adults emotion all the time. They’ll scream and cry until they get what they want and we cave, who can resist that? So it’s important to keep both in mind while walking someone through the sales process.

First let’s start with logic. People need to be comfortable with you in 3 main areas:

  • You

  • Your Product

  • Your Company

Don’t make it more complicated than that. Focus on getting them comfortable enough on all three to the point that they are willing to buy from you, because if you don’t they’re never going to close.

Use the sales process to help make them more and more comfortable with each

  • Connect with the person - Booking the meeting

  • Develop Trust - Information Gathering

  • Build Credibility - Presentation

If you do all of these effectively, you can make the recommendation, they’ll take it and do buy from you. While you’re in the process, use different techniques and sales styles to play on their emotion to make them want to do the deal so you can close as quick as possible.