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What Doesn’t Grow, Dies

You have to constantly be growing in life, no matter what it is. Your mind, your body, your career, your bank account - EVERYTHING in this world is either growing, or dying. This isn’t my opinion, it’s a scientific FACT. Even something as small as a plant, if it’s not growing and getting stronger it’s shrinking and dying.

So never be complete, never be satisfied, always strive for more. More knowledge, more skills, more money, better career, better health and constantly be looking for ways to step out of your comfort zone and GROW.

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The Harder You Work The Luckier You’ll Get

There is no such thing as “lucky.” The ones who you view as lucky work harder than you to get there. Sorry to break it to you, but that’s the harsh reality. If you don’t like it, GET TO WORK❗️ Then you too will find that the harder you work, the luckier you’ll get 😉👌🏼. Happy St. Patrick’s Day and stay safe out there.

Always Try Again

You need to have the #courage to NEVER GIVE UP under any circumstances . You got goals, dreams, plans...go after them! Start today and if you don’t succeed right away, try again tomorrow. It’s impossible to beat someone who never gives up. So be known as the person who NEVER gives up!!

Sorry To Break It To You…No One’s Calling

I never understood why sales reps never follow up. NO ONE is going to call you, YOU have to call THEM to get the sale. If you expect anything less, you’re in the wrong profession.

Be aggressive and go lock the sale down!

Widen The Gap When Others Quit

What always keeps me going, even when I don’t always feel like it, is envisioning my competition or peers quitting. When they’re working, you DEFINITELY have to be working too, but when they decide to give up you gotta take it into overdrive and widen the gap even more. No Mercy!

Have The Right Process To Constantly Hit Your Goals

The trick isn’t just hitting a goal, it’s about establishing the right process that works so you CONSTANTLY hit that goal.

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Prospecting Tip #3: Getting Past The Gatekeeper

Everyone has trouble getting through to decision makers. Gatekeepers are hired and are there to make sure YOU DON’T GET THROUGH! So how do you work around that? The best way to overcome them is to avoid when they’re there. Decision makers are in early and/or work late, so try them then. Call them before 8 or after 5 before the gate-keeper gets in or after they leave so you have a direct line to the person you’re trying to reach. You’d be surprised how many people you get through to.

And if you do catch the gatekeeper, don’t sound like every other salesperson. Try a couple things to mix it up:

  • Use the shortened version of the decision maker’s name (I.e. “is John there?” Not “is Mr. Smith or Johnathan in?”)

  • When they ask who’s calling say things like “It’s John just calling him back.” You have called before so you’re trying again, it’s not a lie, just mix the words around to sound more casual

  • Use their name and get to be friendly with them. You’d be surprised how many gatekeepers might just put you on the decision maker’s calendar if you ask after they get to know you

  • Ask when a good time to call back would be

One Person Has A TON Of Potential

You’ve got more potential than you may think and a small accomplishment now may have huge benefits down the road. One person has a TON of potential!

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Be Remembered By The Stories You Tell, Not The Facts You Leave Behind

When was the last time you remembered a random fact? Yea, exactly. But when was the last time you remember a good story that made you laugh, cry, or get EMOTIONAL? Probably a little easier to draw upon the second scenario.

Use stories to help illustrate your point and get your prospect to REMEMBER YOU AND YOUR PRODUCT/SERVICE well after you leave.

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Get The Training You Need To Be Successful

Make sure you feel you aren’t getting the training that you need to be successful that you’re speaking up about it. It’s your career and ultimately your ass that’s on the line if you fail. Email me questions or deals if I can help!

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Make a GREAT First Impression

In business, like in life, you never get a second chance at a first impression. So make it count! They did a study of 100 people at Princeton University and found that it takes our brains a tenth of a second to make an opinion about somebody. A TENTH of a second! You do it too, even when you don’t realize you are.

What does that mean in business? The initial assessment they make of you will strictly be about your looks, so you have to make it count. Don’t show up looking sloppy, hair not done, wearing right clothes. You need to look professional and successful. If I told you to close your eyes and picture a successful person, THAT’S who you should be emulating.

You don’t want to be having to dig yourself out of a theoretical hole the entire meeting just based on your look. The sale is hard enough to get, so don’t let the fact that you under-dressed or didn’t do your hair stand in the way.

Tips on making a good first impression:

  • Wear a full suit (tie optional)

  • Give a firm handshake and make eye contact (probably most important)

  • Do your hair

  • Put on some (emphasis on some) cologne/perfume

  • Wear a nice watch

  • Stand straight up, don’t slouch

  • Don’t be the “typical millennial” and look at your phone in the waiting room. Just sit there and take in the entire vibe of the place. Maybe something will even catch your eye like and award that can be a conversation starter

  • Relax and have fun with it! At the end of the day, no one is dying and it’s not rocket science. People want to do business with people they like and have fun with, so lighten up and let your personality show through! Your confidence will show as well

Be The Hardest Worker In The Room

I know this is true for me, is it for you?? I never give up at anything in life, and it is IMPOSSIBLE to beat someone who never gives up. You can achieve anything you want in life but you have to work at it.

The Grant Cardones and Tony Robbins of the world are successful because they’re the hardest workers in the room and they were determined to win. They don’t have any special talent that you don’t, it’s just that their more determined. Be the hardest worked in the room, give it your 100% today, and WIN!

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Always Stay Humble

Not just in sales or business, but LIFE can be a roller coaster sometimes. It’s important to stay humble when times are good and not get down on yourself when things aren’t going as great as you’d hope.

Remember, things always have a way of working out in the end. So hang in and ENJOY THE RIDE!

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