Prospecting: Tip #1

  • Don’t make any mistake about it, booking meetings is a numbers game. Just like you need to have a lot of accounts in the pipeline so things are always closing,  you need to constantly be calling hundreds of people to increase your odds of booking meetings.

  • If you were out at a bar, you ask 1 person to go out with you you may have some success. But if you ask 100 people, you’re probably getting lucky that night.

  • With enough volume, not only will you catch people at different times, improve your odds of booking meetings and eventually just wear them down, you’ll also improve your skill set over time.

  • Think about it, once you start by making a few hundred calls a week / month, you get the opportunity to say your pitch over and over again. In time you’ll perfect it, figure out what works best, and improve your appointment setting ratio.

  • To make it easier for you, set a daily goal to hit.

    • 100 calls /week = 20 calls / day

    • Or if you prefer you can set a 15, 30, 60 minute limit of straight dialing