Get People To Buy Using Emotion

When making a decision to buy or not to buy, people will make it emotionally at first and then justify with logic. Just think about when you go to a store and buy something new you see it and have to have it because you envision it’ll be so great in your life. Then after you see the price you logically justify why you should have it and tell yourself all of the benefits you’ll get by having it.

They will buy from you how they feel about you, your product and the company you represent. The most impactful thing you can do to sell them on emotion is tell them a story. Tell them how it’s helped another customer of yours experiencing similar issues and what their lives are like now. And then tell them what their lives will look like without it, maybe a customer who held off but eventually came around and the hardships they faced during that time.

One of the best examples of this is when Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs was told to sell a pencil in eight minutes. We’ve all heard the “sell me this pen” statement, but he had to do this for eight minutes with a pencil! So what did he do? He couldn’t ask them questions, because he was interviewing for a TV spot, so instead of focusing on features or even benefits, he played to the audience's emotion. He painted this elaborate picture about someone in a hotel room going through the desk drawer to find this pencil and how great it wrote compared to some other with a dull tip and he went on for eight minutes. That’s how he got the job, no one remembered what the pencil did or why it was better than the competitor, but they did remember how they felt when he sold them on it.

There’s a great TED Talk that presents how our brain works and that successful companies make you feel a certain way about their products, they don’t just tell you what their product does. The moral of it was that  people don’t remember what you say, they remember how you made them feel. So when you’re selling to people, get excited about your product and how great this is going to make their lives, get them excited about it. Don’t be overly enthusiastic to the point that you’re corny, but just enough that they realize you truly believe in what you’re selling and are excited that they have the opportunity to take advantage of it. If you’re excited about it, they will be too.