Get Your Mindset Right

Mindset is everything in sales and in business. You need to be on the top of your game all the time so you don’t miss opportunities. But that’s tough! Go back to WHY you started in the first place because for whatever reason it was that made you get into it, it should be enough to keep you going. There’s a great quote from “On Fire,” a book by John O’Leary, that said “if you know you’re why, you can endure any how.” Always know your why. Know why you need to succeed in your current position and push yourself to get there. Not as easy as it seems, but work to change your mindset and the situation will change.

There’s another technique you can use too. When you’re in a good mood, when something really great happens to you that makes you excited, try to harness that emotion. Remember that feeling and when you’re mindset isn’t right, think back to that amazing feeling you had.