Interview Help - Sell Yourself Into Any Position

A lot of people have been messaging me for interview advice, so here it is...

  • Pause and think for 5 seconds before answering questions. Don’t say “Uhm,” or “Hmm” though. Instead say “great question,” or “let me think about that for a second.” Gather your thoughts and then knock their socks off with the answer!

  • Give examples that aren’t only work related but on a personal note as well. If they ask you to “tell me a time when you…” don’t just tell them a work story, tell them something from childhood, college or even middle school too. That shows that you’re not just resilient when you’re forced to be (at work) but it’s just natural for you to act that way.

  • Relax and have fun - they want to hire someone who’s going to be fun to work with. Smile, make jokes and don’t take things so seriously. Unless you’re a doctor (and if you are you probably aren’t reading this) you’re not dealing with life and death here

  • Show some FIRE & PASSION! Bosses want to hire enthusiastic people. Show them that you want this job, you’re passionate about it and you’re excited to be there talking about it.

  • Don’t be afraid to address your weaknesses - but tell them what you’ve done and what you’re currently doing about it. They want someone who’s self aware and that doesn’t need to be managed.

  • Know who’s sitting across from you - you have to quickly assess and adapt your style to match who you’re talking to. Are the very direct? Are they more conversational? Not just verbally, but how’s their body language as well? Building rapport is not only about talking sports or matching their style of speaking, but mirroring their body language as well (in a casual, non-creepy way).

  • Maybe the most important part, at the end, when they ask if you have any questions, ask them word for word, “DO YOU HAVE ANY RESERVATIONS ABOUT ME BEING THE RIGHT PERSON FOR THIS POSITION?”

    • This is your chance to see where you stand. If the rattle off one or two things, go back and re-sell yourself and then ask the question again, “Did that explanation i just gave eliminate your concerns?”

      • If no, go back again and again

  • Set yourself apart - they could have 10, 50, 100 applicants. How will you be different? Maybe send a handwritten note afterwards thanking them,or at the very least, an email.

  • After the interview

    • Follow them on LinkedIn, and stay in touch. Then reach out in a few days if you don’t hear from them in the agreed amount of time.

    • If you don’t get the job, stay in touch and on their rader, like their LinkedIn posts, send them relevant articles to their industry/position, bosses love someone who doesn’t give up!