Build Rapport

Building Rapport is crucial in the sales process. In most cases it's needed to help close a deal, but what can you do to build rapport?

  • Building rapport doesn’t mean talking about your weekend, or theirs

  • It means you want the decision maker to have a level of comfort with you as the person they’re giving their business to

  • Ask for permission to ask questions

  • Match their style, pace, movements, etc. (don’t copy them, but decision makers like to buy from people who have similar style to them

  • Actively listen. Do things like:

    • Nodding your head

    • Saying “mm-hmm,” “go on,” “okay,” “thanks for telling me that”

    • Using facial expressions to react to what they’ve told you

  • Sending them a follow up email defining next steps on both parts & a hand written note, thanking them for their time

  • Finally, if you feel the timing is right, you can end the conversation with a question like “any plans this weekend?” or “what do you have going on the rest of the day?” But don’t open with this, most decision makers know this is just you trying to break the ice in the beginning and they see right through it