Where It All Began

Ryan Forrest started his sales career in college, looking to make some extra cash selling tickets to sporting events. When he tripled everyone else’s sales on day one, the young freshman knew he found his calling. He continued in the sports marketing field all four years of college until landing a role in the corporate field six months prior to graduating.

Since then, Ryan has had thousands of hours of sales training from one of America’s largest privately held companies and has generated millions of dollars in sales revenue for the organization.

The Salesman

After starting his career in sales, Ryan was almost embarrassed to tell people in the business world that he was a "salesman." Like most of us might do, he used words like, "consultant," or "account executive" to describe what he did. But the more he started to study the sales industry, the more he realized that we all use sales every single day of our lives. Whether we're selling our significant other on where to vacation this year, increasing sales for the company we work for, or trying to sell a prospective boss on why they should hire us, it's all sales.

Most business owners he was selling to started as sales-reps as well, so they knew what it was like and respected his determination to meet with him. The more this happened the more job offers Ryan received. Almost every meeting he walked into people started off the conversation by offering him a role at their company and told him that they train their salespeople to be more like him. Once, he was even told by a business owner that he teaches all new hires the “Ryan Forrest Sales Method.” Which shocked Ryan because he didn’t even know that was a thing! But that left him with an interesting idea, that what if he could train sales people to be like him? What if instead of turning down all those job offers, he could offer to train their salespeople to be just like him? What’s better than one great sales person? 10, 20, 50, 100 sales-reps, all trained to sell by the best.

And from that, the Shark was born…


The Shark Of Sales

Ryan decided to become a student of sales. Learning as many different styles and techniques that he could. But the more training he sat through, the more books he read, and the more conferences he attended, he always found himself thinking, “Okay, enough set-up, just tell me what I need to know!”

Now maybe this was his New York, “rush-rush” attitude talking, but he wanted to just learn the technique, and move on. No “fluff,” no describing it in great detail, just say it and talk about the next point. When he realized it wasn’t just him, that most people lose their interest quicker now more than ever, he knew there was an opportunity. An opportunity to take all of his knowledge, everything he knows about sales, and deliver it in a direct, straight to the point way, in small digestible chunks. So that the person reading, listening or watching him speak, could easily retain the material and use it.


Ryan is an active supporter of nonprofit organizations including The United Way, The American Cancer Society, The American Red Cross, many local ARC’s throughout New York & New Jersey and has devoted hours of community service throughout the tri-state.

Ryan Forrest was born and raised in Pawling, New York, about an hour north of NYC. He went to high school at Trinity Pawling, a private school and from there attended Monmouth University, located on the Jersey Shore.

It was there where he met his wife, Christina, one month into their freshman year. You could say that’s where he technically started his sales career, convincing Christina to go out with him. They started dating right away and the two have been together ever since.

Ryan graduated in 2013 with a business degree in Marketing & Management. He and Christina currently live in the metropolitan area and are looking to try their luck at real estate investing.