You may not think it, but you use sales every single day.

Whether selling your significant other on where to vacation this year, increasing sales for your company, or trying to sell a prospective boss on why they should hire you…There’s something you want out of life.

So why not learn how to get it?

The Shark Blog

Studies show you have less than 10 seconds to capture an audience. That’s less than the attention span of a goldfish!

This blog was created to give professionals short posts filled with tips / tricks on how to sell anything to anyone - no fluff.

If you are hungry to improve your skills, better your life and like some daily motivation, check it out!

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Who is the Shark?

Ryan Forrest has had thousands of hours of sales training from one of America’s largest privately held companies. The more training I sit through, the more books I read, the more conferences I attend I think, “Get to the point already! Enough build up, just tell me what I need to know!”

If you ever find yourself feeling the same way, this is for you.



I created this blog to give you a “no-fluff” guide to selling. Whether you’re a sales rep, manager, leader, or just trying to convince someone to see things from your point of view, I want to help you improve your skills, increase sales, and achieve your goals.

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